Teaching Art and Mythology in early childhood setting: a road to super future

No civilization can exist without its mythological, artistic and cultural ties. The confluence of the two is the bedrock for humanity to thrive and modernize. Mythology and Art strengthen modern management, creativity, problem-solving, and leadership skills. The cherry on the cake for parents is the Downtime. With structured lessons, the kids stay away from gadget addiction and other benefits and lead children to the road to a super future.

So, what is the mix of Mythology and Arts?

We at Studio Tarang believe, Mythology is historical truth revealed through Arts, Storytelling and Culture. The three powerful elements that shape and inspire early childhood years. The mix of Mythology and Art is instrumental in raising an emotionally intelligent and creative human. In today’s accelerating digitized era, parents, educators, and other stakeholders focus on investing in children’s technological and physical quotient but not overall character building.

Hence Studio Tarang emphasizes embedding Art and mythology as the tools of character building in schools and at home during early childhood. We have skimmed our experience based on years of training children at the Studio to highlight the benefits.

The key benefits are shared below.

  • Children can learn skills such as management and leadership from mythological texts such as—.
  • Schools can design lesson plans based on case studies of mythical heroes such as —,— to demonstrate real-world problems and solutions.
  • Through texts, educators can teach drawing, painting and other forms of creativity, making them future-ready for upcoming art-focused domains such as architecture, interior designing, archaeology, and much more.
  • Providing a non-judgemental space of expression further facilitates self-expression and curiosity.

Arts and mythology, together, have worked wonders in the past and keep doing so in the present. So isn’t it high time to chart a road to the future for your children by inculcating Art and mythology in their growth?

Written by

Rashmi Kulkarni