Your sponsorship will help us build a better platform for the community of children who want to voice their opinion on different topic relevant to our world today. Tarang has built a unique art platform for school children to let their inner voices be heard, seen and shared. The competition in the city is judged by a panel of accomplished artists, curators and gallery owners. Tarang’s Art Competitions as an event reaches out to thousands (conservative estimate 15,000+) via mailers to parents & schools, plus more through posters, media coverage including relevant social media groups, magazines & one-on-ones with media. The event ends in a gala award ceremony & art exhibition, where the work of all the finalists will be shown. All award winners and their families, Art Teachers, Principals are invited for this occasion. Be part of an exclusive event- it is going to be an annual event in our city. For now the competitions are being held in Belgaum and one Online. An opportunity to co-brand this as a CSR program- developing children to reach their potential. Get extensive coverage during Award Ceremony and Online at Tarang. (viewed by 1000s)